Warehouse Handling Application Logistics Engineering System

A warehouse management system developed to provide solutions to the logistics needs of our clients. It allows it to be adapted to suit each client, being able to install one or more modules depending on their needs.


We work on 3 pillars


All members of the supply chain see the real state of the rest of the actors.


The use of technology and process engineering allows actors an immediate response to fluctuations in demand and possible unforeseen events.


By sharing information and making decisions, it ensures that the actors work in an aligned way and with possible unforeseen events.

Why implement
the WHALES system?


All movements are recorded at the time they are made, so all information is available online. Online stock control: registration of entries, exits and regularizations. Online movement control: each operator carries out the movements with their user who is registered in the system. Total online traceability: all movements in the system can be traced 100%.


By integrating with clients and suppliers, it eliminates manually entering data into the system.

Information flow between terminals

All terminals are connected in the warehouse, which allows all the information to be available online.


The system guides operators by generating tasks, which reduces downtime.


By parameterizing the system, both the warehouse space and the routes in the generation of routes are optimized.


Having all the information on stocks, movements, traceability and incidents online allows you to make decisions in time.

Cost reduction

All these points allow for cost reduction, increasing companies' profits.

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