Optimize your logistics processes

Technology is only useful if it is profitable
Specialized in logistics consulting and SW development, we have been improving the logistics of our clients for more than 20 years.
WHALES - Wharehouse management system

Whales is a modular CLOUD system, which allows you to fully manage all the logistics processes of any warehouse.
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Logistics Consulting

We analyze logistics processes together with our clients to advise and guide them in optimizing supply chain management and logistics operations. We collaborate in the design of the warehouse layout and map to optimize material flows. We carry out method and time studies and apply resource optimization to cost reduction.
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System integration

WHALES allows the integration of systems to work together and share information efficiently.
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Process engineering

We carry out design studies, analysis and improvement of logistics processes to optimize efficiency, quality and productivity, applying resource optimization to cost reduction.
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Productivity control

WHALES records relevant data such as quantities produced, movements carried out, times spent... to obtain the necessary information to be able to measure and evaluate the efficiency and performance of workers.
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Advanced systems integration

WHALES integrates with automation systems, combining technologies to achieve greater efficiency and functionality in logistics processes (pick to voice, pick to light, vertical warehouses...)
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Integration of electronic control documents into management systems. Implementation of TMS (Transport Management SYSTEM) / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
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We help you digitize your company.​
We are a digitizing agent of the Kit Digital and we also offer services eligible for the Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia
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TLSI clients

equipo de TLSI consultoría logística

TLSI Vision

Being able to optimize the logistics of our clients through the use of technology and good practices learned in these 20 years.​​

Maximising internal performance, in a good work environment, being an effective and dynamic organization that adapts to the new needs of companies to grow while maintaining a quality product that satisfies the needs of our clients so that they see us as members of their teams that add value to the product they develop.

Our values are passion, experience, responsibility, quality and integrity.

TLSI strategic partners

Juanjo Hernández Cogollos, consultor logístico de TLSI

“The next challenge is to show SMEs how information systems and real process automation can help them be more efficient, more connected and more prepared to adapt to our always flexible and always changing world.”​

Juanjo Hernández Cogollos