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Achieve maximum efficiency in your processes



From Logistics Process Engineering and Software Development

More than 15 years designing logistics solutions aimed at reducing costs and guaranteeing the quality of services to our clients.  

We work so that companies are able to have greater adaptability to market needs and a more efficient allocation of resources. 

We innovate with the aim of achieving better communicated production chains that allow a fluid exchage of information both internally and with the clients themselves.


  • Analysis of logistics processos for optimization.
  • Redisign of jobs.
  • Optimal flow of materials.
  • Plant engineering.


  • Application to the optimization of resources for cost reduction.
  • Method and time studies.


  • Development of task control systems. 
  • Control panel: 
    1. Productivity and resource control.
    2. Planning, allocation and control of the workload of warehouse resources.
    3. Traceability of all movements.

system integration

  • We work on integration with our client´s own system in each Project. 
  • WHALES: allows integration with customer and suppliers systems. Import and export of purchase orders, orders and production orders, among others..


We develop and implement voice picking systems.


Confortable and intuitive systems that give efficiency to operators.


Warehouse Handling Application Logistics Engineering System. 
Our software, made up of different modules, allows you to tailor it for each client, being able to install one or more modules depending on their needs.
    • Warehouse management.
    • Management of customer demand.
    • Expedition management.
    • Reports.
    • Preparation of customers orders. Systems in sequence, Kanban, pokayokes…


Provide solutions tailored to the demanding needs of our customers. 

Maximize internal performance, in a good work enviroment, being an effective qnd dymanic organization that adapts to the new needs of companies to grow while maintaining a quality product that meets the needs of our customers so that they see us as a members of their teams that we bring value to the producto they develop.

OUR VALUES are passion, experience, responsability, quality and integrity. 

Juanjo Hernandez Cogollos

Juanjo Hernandez Cogollos


“The next challenge is to get SMEs how information systems and real process automation can help them become more efficient, more connected and more prepared to adapt to our always flexible and always changing world.”


Talent and involvement in every project.

TLSI was born within the Engineering and Systems Department of Handling und Lager Valencia, integral logistics operator of the automotive sector based in the industrial park of Ford España, providing solutions tailored to the demanding needs of the client..



Estrategic Partners.


Our customers, our best cover letter.

«My experience with TLSI is fantastic. Listen, analyze and give you a solution tailored to your needs»

Alberto Martínez

COO Aktrion Automotive

«In addition to having a great team, TLSI has been able to adapt to our requirements and needs, bring experience and flexibility»

Germán Monedero

Gerente AZA Logistics

«Having TLSI as a partner is a guarantee of success in your processes! TLSI is proactivity, immediate reaction, proximity…. For us it was a luxury to be able to count on your collaboration in the start of our supplier warehouse»

Elena Padilla

Manager Logistics Brose Plant Sta. Margarida

«They know what you want and make a continuous improvement of the initial project to optimize it systematically, thus improving the user experience.»

Alberto Aparicio Aranda

Mejora Continua-Lean Manufacturing Opel España

«My experience with them in short: I can rely on them!«

Vladan Mijajlovic

Managing Director EuroQ Logistics GmbH

«His extensive knowledge of warehouse management systems, his ability to adapt the product to our needs, never having a «NO» per answer, along with his customer service are the pillars of a company with which he is happy to work with.»

Guillermo Carbonell Morell

Logistics & Quality Manager KH / Know How


Get efficiency through our services.





C\ Tenor García Romero, 2            46015 Valencia


(+34) 963 683 123